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Friday, November 13, 2009


What is the world coming to? Is the United States government a breeding ground for home-grown domestic terrorists? Oklahoma City bombings in April 19, 1995 claimed 168 lives and injured more than 680 people. 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in September 11, 2001 took the lives of 2,993 people including the hijackers. The Beltway/DC Sniper Attacks in October 2002 took the lives of 10 people, critically injuring 3 along Interstate 95 between Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, D.C. areas. On November 5, 2009 Fort Hood, Texas witnessed 13 murders and injuries of at least 30 people on the largest U.S. Army base in the United States. An attack like Fort Hood has never happened on a military installation until now. What do all of the perpetrators have in common? They were all military-trained or soldiers in the U.S. military, terrorizing a nation with their own weapons of mass destruction.

It's ashame and humiliating that we are still fighting wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. The real war is in our own backyard or doorstep. That's where the focus is lost. That's where people like Major Nidal Hasan of the U.S. Army in Fort Hood, Texas can take advantage of our weakness. This is when terrorists gain courage to plan more attacks. Foreign terrorists are probably having a field day watching in laughter.

Terrorism has became the new act of power for the unknown. Yes, the unknown. These are people who nobody would ever think carry out such an act. This can be our next door neighbor, co-worker, relative or friend. Most importantly, these are people who become our worst nightmare ever.

Let's face it. Crime is big business. From the jails, prison, community corrections and so forth, crime pays. That's where conspiracy also become part of the plan. It takes finances to pull off any act of terror, especially those on a larger scale. From the look-out guys, perpetrators, masterminds, co-conspirators, victims and financiers, crime is big business. How many millionaires came out of 9/11 and the war in Iraq that followed? How many book deals and insurance pay-outs were made? We would never know the real truth as long as domestic terrorists float amongst us free at will.

We are living in perilous times. America is kept in the dark in a world with many secrets. Who are these visible ghosts that reap havoc? Time changes everything or does it? Some things are just unstoppable when murderous/suicide minded beings hold office and wear brass. Can we really trust the Federal government's investigation? History speaks for itself. Educate, communicate, inform and observe history being made. It's our most powerful weapon amongst self. "America needs intervention not prevention".

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