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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The below information is one of the most recent parents accused of killing their child or children.


TULSA, OK -- 18-year-old Dominique Lagail Lee was charged with the First-Degree Murder of her seven-week-old baby boy on December 31st.

- Lee is already in custody due to a prior robbery arrest and has an initial court date of January 5th. Judge Kurt Glassco has been assigned to the case.

- According to police, in 2007, another one of Lee's children, a 6-week-old boy, Amontre Ray, was found dead. Lee Told police in that case she had left the room and returned to find the baby unresponsive.

She sounds like a baby serial killer to me and a young woman with some serious anger issues. The seven- week- old had hemorrhage on the brain. This is a picture of her below with the first child pictured beneath her. No possible justice for the first angel, at least not yet. The child on the right is the one Lee is charged with murdering.

We often think of war as a military battle between countries. That's only a part of the pie. We have war in our homes. We have war in the churches, war on the streets, war in the schools and at work. What's becoming an increase and devastating loss, is the war against our own families!

God is by far the King of the earth, highest power and ruler of the world. No one man have that much power and never will. But, who is God's biggest competitor and challenger? It's the devil or Satan. Satan has captured many followers and will continue to reel in many more. Where do you stand between the two? What about our loved ones and friends? At the end of the world, there won't be many choices left. All hell will finally break free.

It is so much going on, it's scary. In the video above, Texas mother kills her son and eats his brain. I mean, that's absolutely sickening. Satan or mental illness? I would say a combination of both.

The picture above shows the Florida native who killed his entire family. To the right of him, is a picture of the family he murdered by the means of a "knife". Their was history of domestic abuse in the family. How can a human being slice a little child's throat? I mean a newborn baby. What the f----k? What possess a person to be soooo cruel?

Are the Child Protective Services doing enough to protect our kids? Many people would say "no." My question is when are the government services that are designed to protect us, going to accept some liability for these senseless deaths that takes place involving children?

Everywhere you turn, there are churches on every corner. Look inside, none of the seats are full. If we could get some of these devils off the streets and out of our homes, medically treat or incarcerate as needed, maybe the world would be a safer place.


From Iraq to Afghanistan, when will the war ever end? What happened to the presidential election when Obama said he would bring home all the troops? Many soldiers in Iraq have gone from there to Afghanistan. That's not bringing home the troops. That's military burnout! Suicide rates is highest ever! Soldiers committing acts of violence from rape to murder of domestic mates is gut-wrenching.

Then we have the biggest mass murder ever on a military base at Fort Hood, Texas in November 2009 by a military officer. Why? One reason is he didn't believe in the war. Well when you sign that dotted line, you should know war is always an option. But, does the mind get that insane where we invent a war against our own people? PSD at its worst! This isn't the American way.

When are our troops going to be allowed to make peace in Afghanistan?? According to Secretary of Defense Gates, the deadline to return from Afghanistan will be in 2011. I consider that an absolute shame and disgrace as a former soldier! To me, this is more about politics than freedom. My hearts goes out to all the soldiers in uniform. To me, they are systematically getting used and abused. What's the end result of that? You in return stand a good chance of doing it to someone else. I can't forget, get charge with war crimes when the media turns the spotlight on our forces.
Then, there is all the rhetoric about supporting our troops. We should be rallying for the chain of command in these branches of service to support our soldiers as well.

Fighting a war for years, the military should recognize suicide as an illness. The last time I checked, depression was a medical term. Our soldiers are human. They get sick and tired of being sick and tired. The ones who commit suicide are still our heroes. They simply went through the mental exhaust of protecting our freedom and ran out of gas. The President should acknowledge that. The road to Afghanistan will take many courses....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Are we addicted to sex? Everywhere you turn for a hot news story, sex appears to sell. Many are hooked on the little three - letter word but those three letters are as big as the titanic. Can you really live without it? How long can you go without having sex? What makes sex good for you?

Sex leads to marriage. Sex leads to divorce. Sex leads to losing a job or prominent position when caught in the act. Sex, sex, sex! From pro-golfer Tiger Woods (pictured above),who has the biggest international sex scandal right now, sex is not a thing of the past.

Let's face it. Sex makes you feel worthiness, fulfilled, loved, energetic and happy. It also boost your ego and pride to get that one hot man or woman. Sex has such a strong urge, cheating is also attached to its title in relationships. The need to have more and more also contributes to addiction.

Famous people aren't strangers to sex scandals. Sex is a need to control, a desire of power and dominance for the fortunate. With money and power, the more you get, the more you want. Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (pictured above) resigned over a sex-prostitution scandal in 2009 over his mistress (pictured left).

I can personally go months without sex. I'm not saying it's easy. Being in the military, deploying and so forth, you discipline your sex drive if you want to. For those who have been incarcerated, it should be the same way. It starts with the ability to train the mentality to say "no" to temptation which can be very, very hard. To me, what makes sex good depends on each individual person. A nice ass, lips, chest or just a sexy walk may reel me in. That's called "swagger" in the world of hip-hop. To simply carry yourself as a take charge person is sexy! The simple things such as strong eye contact can speak to your soul and make your jaws drop.

How do you know if you are a sex addict? How about use some common sense. You have a relationship with an attractive person who is sexually active with you. Still, there is an urge to get the next hottie in the club or the one working out in the gym. Paying to have sex with someone you don't know, escort services when you have a mate at home can all be signs of an addiction. One sex partner after another and another is a red flag. Then there is the online porn, XXX movies in the store that contribute to your every sexual desire.

We are often reminded on the radio airwaves of the strip clubs. Strip clubs can be addictive. It's like gambling. The more you spend, the more you hope to get and see. You risk it all. It's like a crack addict with a habit. You need that fix to keep getting "high". Over the years, there has been an increase of women going to the strip clubs. I guess, "curiosity kills the cat". The biggest influence when it comes to sexual gratification is "peer pressure".

If we aren't getting enough from the opposite sex, same-sex relationships may come into play also. We've heard a lot of talk about the down-low brother. It's plenty of down-low sisters also. Trust me, I know. Us women tend to be more foxy and witty with our biz. We are more concerned about how we air our dirty laundry compared to men. Too many men carry the egotistical approach with "it's a man's world" attitude.

In the meantime, safe sex is the best sex.


Ex- boyfriend of young woman murders her and shoots her lesbian lover. Video clip is below.

Sexual preference has been a controversial issue for some time. Who you choose as a sex partner isn't anyone's business. What you choose and how you go about getting that mate, makes all the difference in the world. Being beyond the norm brings forth much mediocracy.

Their have been best-selling books published on down-low men. This is another term for being gay or bi-sexual. Many of them have the swagger, street-strut, b-boy style and muscles that say, "come and get some". Women often fall for those type of men, along with them being educated or bearing a sense of security.

Getting caught up doing the nasty is a down low lover's worst nightmare. The verdict of former Pastor Robert Reaves was based on a first-degree murder conviction in Raleigh, N.C. Reaves was convicted of killing Latrese Curtis, a North Carolina Central University student in Durham, N.C. Why? According to court records, he wanted the same man as Curtis. I guess she was blocking his touchdown pass that he wanted to complete for the big one! As a Pastor, you should know, "you reap what you sow".

The international case in Italy involving U.S. native Amanda Knox garnered major media attention. She was an exchange student studying in Italy. Meridith Kercher was Knox's roommate. Her throat was cut in a drug-sex orgy game gone bad. This is the prosecution's version of events. This is a prosecutor who is known for his own form of corruption. He should have never been allowed to prosecute this case. Knox's boyfriend was also charged with first-degree murder. One other man has been convicted and sentenced already to 30 years. The outcome of this case, "guilty" verdicts for both Knox and her former boyfriend. My personal opinion, I think Amanda Knox is "innocent".

Being bi-sexual, gay or taking a walk on the wild side is a tough life-style to live. The discrimination, lack of equal rights and slander can be depressing. Many people are "homophobic". Others can care less of sexual orientation if you respect them. Let's not make it hard for everybody.

The Bible recognizes marriage as between man and woman. What happened to the respect for the highest law of the land? Legislature has allowed same-sex marriage in some states. This angers citizens, hetereosexuals and anti-gay activists. If you want to get your freak on, by all means, do it! Respect others and set limitations for yourself. Don't expect to be allowed to ruin lives being "lust demons".

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I look on a billboard. What do I see?
There are pictures of children looking at me.

Stating that they have been abducted and taken away, leaving their parents lives totally erupted.

Awards for their discovery ranging in thousands of dollars. Dreams are shattered of these children becoming future scholars.

Lives being taken away by the hands of dangerous people. What are they doing with these children? Making a movie sequel.

Children are coming up missing from the homes, in the park, at the school, where standing by may be a pedophile, looking very, very cool.

Love ones don't even know if there children are dead or alive. Hoping wherever they are at, they are able to survive.

Sometimes years go by with no good news yet. Our beloved young ones perishing away, is a parent's biggest threat.

From the Atlanta Child Murders of the 70's, to today's youth. It's time for our communities to learn where these kids are and discover the truth.

Friday, November 13, 2009


What is the world coming to? Is the United States government a breeding ground for home-grown domestic terrorists? Oklahoma City bombings in April 19, 1995 claimed 168 lives and injured more than 680 people. 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in September 11, 2001 took the lives of 2,993 people including the hijackers. The Beltway/DC Sniper Attacks in October 2002 took the lives of 10 people, critically injuring 3 along Interstate 95 between Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, D.C. areas. On November 5, 2009 Fort Hood, Texas witnessed 13 murders and injuries of at least 30 people on the largest U.S. Army base in the United States. An attack like Fort Hood has never happened on a military installation until now. What do all of the perpetrators have in common? They were all military-trained or soldiers in the U.S. military, terrorizing a nation with their own weapons of mass destruction.

It's ashame and humiliating that we are still fighting wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. The real war is in our own backyard or doorstep. That's where the focus is lost. That's where people like Major Nidal Hasan of the U.S. Army in Fort Hood, Texas can take advantage of our weakness. This is when terrorists gain courage to plan more attacks. Foreign terrorists are probably having a field day watching in laughter.

Terrorism has became the new act of power for the unknown. Yes, the unknown. These are people who nobody would ever think carry out such an act. This can be our next door neighbor, co-worker, relative or friend. Most importantly, these are people who become our worst nightmare ever.

Let's face it. Crime is big business. From the jails, prison, community corrections and so forth, crime pays. That's where conspiracy also become part of the plan. It takes finances to pull off any act of terror, especially those on a larger scale. From the look-out guys, perpetrators, masterminds, co-conspirators, victims and financiers, crime is big business. How many millionaires came out of 9/11 and the war in Iraq that followed? How many book deals and insurance pay-outs were made? We would never know the real truth as long as domestic terrorists float amongst us free at will.

We are living in perilous times. America is kept in the dark in a world with many secrets. Who are these visible ghosts that reap havoc? Time changes everything or does it? Some things are just unstoppable when murderous/suicide minded beings hold office and wear brass. Can we really trust the Federal government's investigation? History speaks for itself. Educate, communicate, inform and observe history being made. It's our most powerful weapon amongst self. "America needs intervention not prevention".

Thursday, October 22, 2009


He's got a gun!!! He's got a knife!!! Call 9-1-1! People stampeding all over the place. The screams, shouting and ruckous is going in every direction. Blood spattering, bodies falling! Sirens sounding!! The words of vulgar language and expression can be heard miles away. This is what it is like when a mass shooter or major crime strikes a college campus. This is the part of college reality that students, faculty and parents dread in America.

Parents often worry about their kids when sending them off to school and being away from home. They have every reason to be. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. Alcohol related deaths, illnesses of some sort are also high in numbers. The worst call any parent can ever get is that their child isn't coming home anymore.

University & City Police have had their hands full with safety. Still, some things can't be prevented. Isolated incidents among students are often hard to prevent and detect before tragedy strikes.

Two University of Connecticut football players were stabbed recently, after a fight broke out between groups. Jasper Howard, pictured above, died from his wound to the stomach. The other sad part about this story is, Howard was expecting to be a father. He had a career-high eleven tackles the same day against Louisville in a homecoming victory. Police are still looking for a suspect.

A female University California Los Angeles student survived a multiple stabbing by a fellow classmate in a chemistry lab on campus October 8, 2009. 20-year old Damon Thompson was arrested in this case and held on bail. Thompson was no stranger to the Dean of Student Affairs office. The Dean of Students department for any university are known to hand down disciplinary action for students who have violated university rules or committed infractions.

In September 2009, Jasmine Lynn pictured left, was killed by a stray bullet after a fight broke out on the Clark-Atlanta University campus. Lynn was a student from neighboring Spelman. She was walking back to campus with friends when this tragic occurred. Another Clark-Atlanta student was struck in the wrist. One person has been arrested in this incident by Atlanta, G.A. police and being held.

Raymond Clark is being held in a maximum security prison for the murder of Yale University classmate Annie Le. They both worked together in a Yale lab. She was strangled to death and body stuffed into a wall. Text messages between Clark and Le showed the two arranging to meet up the day she disappeared. Le's body was found the day she supposed to have gotten married.

The Spelman, Harvard, Yale and UCLA Universities of this country are what many consider your "A" list schools. It goes to show, it doesn't matter where you are at, violence strikes anywhere and at anytime. CNN had reported that their is a war against women on college campuses. I think it's more of a war against students period.

Police officials should always be prepared while on duty and beef up patrols. Students, faculty and staff need to constantly be attentive, vigilant, alert and ready to react to the up most sign of danger. Parents, before your child leaves home always tell them, "I love you". Teach safety first and stay in tuned with academic affairs and activities much as possible. We can't also forget to "pray".