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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ex- boyfriend of young woman murders her and shoots her lesbian lover. Video clip is below.

Sexual preference has been a controversial issue for some time. Who you choose as a sex partner isn't anyone's business. What you choose and how you go about getting that mate, makes all the difference in the world. Being beyond the norm brings forth much mediocracy.

Their have been best-selling books published on down-low men. This is another term for being gay or bi-sexual. Many of them have the swagger, street-strut, b-boy style and muscles that say, "come and get some". Women often fall for those type of men, along with them being educated or bearing a sense of security.

Getting caught up doing the nasty is a down low lover's worst nightmare. The verdict of former Pastor Robert Reaves was based on a first-degree murder conviction in Raleigh, N.C. Reaves was convicted of killing Latrese Curtis, a North Carolina Central University student in Durham, N.C. Why? According to court records, he wanted the same man as Curtis. I guess she was blocking his touchdown pass that he wanted to complete for the big one! As a Pastor, you should know, "you reap what you sow".

The international case in Italy involving U.S. native Amanda Knox garnered major media attention. She was an exchange student studying in Italy. Meridith Kercher was Knox's roommate. Her throat was cut in a drug-sex orgy game gone bad. This is the prosecution's version of events. This is a prosecutor who is known for his own form of corruption. He should have never been allowed to prosecute this case. Knox's boyfriend was also charged with first-degree murder. One other man has been convicted and sentenced already to 30 years. The outcome of this case, "guilty" verdicts for both Knox and her former boyfriend. My personal opinion, I think Amanda Knox is "innocent".

Being bi-sexual, gay or taking a walk on the wild side is a tough life-style to live. The discrimination, lack of equal rights and slander can be depressing. Many people are "homophobic". Others can care less of sexual orientation if you respect them. Let's not make it hard for everybody.

The Bible recognizes marriage as between man and woman. What happened to the respect for the highest law of the land? Legislature has allowed same-sex marriage in some states. This angers citizens, hetereosexuals and anti-gay activists. If you want to get your freak on, by all means, do it! Respect others and set limitations for yourself. Don't expect to be allowed to ruin lives being "lust demons".

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