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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


From Iraq to Afghanistan, when will the war ever end? What happened to the presidential election when Obama said he would bring home all the troops? Many soldiers in Iraq have gone from there to Afghanistan. That's not bringing home the troops. That's military burnout! Suicide rates is highest ever! Soldiers committing acts of violence from rape to murder of domestic mates is gut-wrenching.

Then we have the biggest mass murder ever on a military base at Fort Hood, Texas in November 2009 by a military officer. Why? One reason is he didn't believe in the war. Well when you sign that dotted line, you should know war is always an option. But, does the mind get that insane where we invent a war against our own people? PSD at its worst! This isn't the American way.

When are our troops going to be allowed to make peace in Afghanistan?? According to Secretary of Defense Gates, the deadline to return from Afghanistan will be in 2011. I consider that an absolute shame and disgrace as a former soldier! To me, this is more about politics than freedom. My hearts goes out to all the soldiers in uniform. To me, they are systematically getting used and abused. What's the end result of that? You in return stand a good chance of doing it to someone else. I can't forget, get charge with war crimes when the media turns the spotlight on our forces.
Then, there is all the rhetoric about supporting our troops. We should be rallying for the chain of command in these branches of service to support our soldiers as well.

Fighting a war for years, the military should recognize suicide as an illness. The last time I checked, depression was a medical term. Our soldiers are human. They get sick and tired of being sick and tired. The ones who commit suicide are still our heroes. They simply went through the mental exhaust of protecting our freedom and ran out of gas. The President should acknowledge that. The road to Afghanistan will take many courses....

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