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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Many people will agree, sex is a beautiful thing. One way it can get real ugly, is when you have pulpit prostitution taking place.

Scandal isn't something of the past when it comes to Bishops, Priests or Pastors of the church and the sins they often preach against. This is what makes sex in the pulpit to the media and community; astonishing, shocked, disappointed, humiliated and in total disgust.

How can you lead by example or your congregation, when your own house isn't in order? I'm talking about the house that your children, spouse and other love ones may reside. The one you leave before you come into the house of the Lord, with members paying tithes to fulfill your lust and riches. That's not even right, when we have homeless people out on the streets, living in poverty, people unable to afford healthcare or losing jobs to a dwindled economy.

Bishop Eddie Long is an awesome speaker, leader of New Birth Missionary Church in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I'm actually not ashamed to say I listened to him tonight on television. He is also a troubled man right now, with civil lawsuits basically accusing him, for a lack of better words, being a fake, flossing, freak in the closet so-called man of God. This is still yet to be seen in a court of law. But in today's society, we are really guilty until proven innocent.

Fancy cars, lavish homes, trips and lots of money is what most young people and adults dream of. What happens when you get it & have it snatched from right under your feet? Would the accusers (pictured above) have filed law suits if Bishop Long continued to give these things? Also, what kind of father figure performs sexual acts on their child and you still believe that's an act of a father? At 16-18 years old, are our minds developed enough to know right from wrong? Can a person take that much control of your life, where you are completely pimped or brainwashed? These are the questions the court needs to ask and get an answer?

Bishop Long is one of many pastors or priests over the years that has been accused of having sex with young boys or members of the church. We don't know what happened with him & four young men who have filed civil suits against him. Only God can judge him now and them. If all involved are lying or in denial because of money, lust or self-gratification, judgement day will take its course.

The Bishop has dedicated himself crusading against homosexuality. Now look at him now. First of all Bishop Long, I don't think too many people choose to be gay with all the peer-pressure, politics and controversy that involves the lifestyle. Regardless, we should be preaching how to love each other God's way, not the you're not living right adage. Especially, now after Long spoke to his 25,000 church members and the world to let us know, "I'm not a perfect man". Then again, who is? Now, look at him now. I feel like David versus Goliath Bishop Long said at a recent church service. I think he made a crucial mistake when he made this address. What was that mistake that made Long look guilty? He "never" stated, I stand before you in the house of the Lord to say, "I'm completely innocent of all these false accusations against me". That would have spoke volumes before his fellow worshippers.

It takes a fighter to move forward and let the truth prevail. It takes a coward to try to break a fortress down, use and abuse without just cause.

We should only wait and pray that this resolve itself for the best of New Birth Church, the families of Eddie Long and his plaintiffs, as well as the rest of the world who is so moved by this man's powerful speaking and influence. Bishop Long's congregation is continuing to stand by him right now. They are indeed, a part of his family. He should be thankful and I'm sure he is with the bullets he's dodging from those against him.

What's a house without a foundation? It's nothing, because all it will do is just "fall".

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